Angelus commercial waterproofing contractor for - Santa Monica Shopping Center, Santa Monica, CA

Santa Monica Shopping Center

Santa Monica, CA

Expansion Joints / Sika Traffic Coatings / Shot-blast / Concrete Repairs / Caulking

Scope of work:

Angelus completed this shopping center parking deck restoration using the new Sikalastic 720 One Shot Aliphatic Polyurethane Traffic Coating System. We were able to repair the concrete and joints, caulk, prime and coat in just two days.

Angelus commercial waterproofing contractor for - Montclair Plaza, Montclair, CA

Montclair Plaza

Montclair, CA

Expansion-Joints / Joint Sealant / Waterproofing / Crack Repair / Traffic Deck Coating / Joint Sealants / Concrete & Post Tension Tendon Restoration / Concrete Beam Repair

Scope of work:

  • Existing Expansion Joint Replacement with EMSEAL SJS 100-600 System
  • New Expansion Joint Installation with Watson Bowman expansion joint system

Angelus commercial waterproofing contractor for - Hazard Center Mission Valley, San Diego, CA

Hazard Center Mission Valley

San Diego, CA

Waterproofing / Expansion-Joints / Joint Sealant / Waterproofing / Traffic Deck Coating

Scope of work:

  • Remove existing coating and Shot Blast Concrete Substrate
  • Sealed all cracks and joints with Sika 2c sealant 175,000 SF

  • Applied Lym-Tal Iso Flex Deck Coating system to the entire deck surface (175,000 SF)

Angelus commercial waterproofing contractor for - Balcony at Beverwil Shopping Center, Los Angeles, CA

Balcony at Beverwil Shopping Center

Los Angeles, CA

Waterproofing / Traffic Deck Coating / Penetrating Sealer / Joint Sealant

Scope of work:

Angelus repaired the parking structure and applied new traffic deck coatings. To give the parking structure a bright, shiny, high performance look, Angelus installed the Sikalastic 720 / 745 traffic coating system in a light grey color.

Angelus commercial waterproofing contractor for - Fashion Show Mall, Las Vegas, NV

Fashion Show Mall

Las Vegas, NV

Expansion-Joints / Concrete Spall Repairs / Joint Sealant / Epoxy Injection / Joint Sealant

Scope of work:

The scope of work included tearing out the failed expansion joints and installing a new Watson Bowman Safety Flex System. Additionally we performed, concrete spall repairs using Sika 122 & 123 repair mortars, SikaQuick 1000 full depth repairs, crack chasing and sealing with Sikaflex 2C and 1a sealants. Plus structural crack injection repairs on the columns and beams using Sikadur 31 paste & Sikadur 35 resin.

Angelus commercial waterproofing contractor for - Westfield Center Deck, Topanga, CA

Westfield Centers

Los Angeles and Topanga, CA

Flooring / Indoor Outdoor Polyurea Floor Coating / Waterproofing / Concrete Repairs / Pedestrian Deck Coating / Joint Sealant

Scope of work:

Angelus has installed commercial traffic coatings, below-grade waterproofing, and pedestrian deck coating at several Westfield shopping centers through-out Los Angeles County.




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