Angelus commercial waterproofing contractor for - Newport Beach Civic Center

City of Newport Beach Civic Center

Newport Beach, CA

Air Barriers / New Construction / Sheet Membrane / Underslab Waterproofing / Below Grade Waterproofing / Below Grade Insulation / Underslab Vapor Barrier

Scope of work:

  • Underslab Waterproofing with WR Grace Preprufe 300 R - 60,000 SF
  • Below Grade Insulation with Insulfoam R-Tech

  • Below Grade Waterproofing with WR Grace Bituthene 4000 and Hydroduct 220 Drainage composite - 14,000 SF
  • Below Grade Insulation with Insulfoam R-Tech
  • Below Grade Waterproofing at library with Cetco CoreFlex - 12,000 SF
  • Underslab vapor barrier at library with WR Grace Florprufe 120 - 10,000 SF

Angelus commercial waterproofing contractor for - Kern County Courthouse

Kern County Courthouse

Bakersfield, CA

Spray Applied Membrane / Pedestrian Waterproofing / Polyurea / UV Exposed / Seamless

Scope of work:

  • The Kern County Courthouse was built in 1959, had been deteriorating for many decades, and was overdue for some structural repairs and waterproofing. The Henry® Prodeq™ System is an innovative, instant-setting waterproofing system commonly used for plaza decks, roofs, split slabs, terraces, as well as water containment and UV exposed systems.

  • The high performance, seamless membrane allows for complex building design and requires no welds, laps, termination bars or surface flashings.
  • Our team installed the Henry's Primer and Prodeq Polyurea System to over 20,000 sq ft of planters in 3 days. No smell, no disruptions and ahead of schedule.

Angelus commercial waterproofing contractor for - Peninsula Center Library

Peninsula Center Library

Rolling Hills Estates, CA

Traffic Coatings / Planter Waterproofing / Wall Coatings

Scope of work:

The Peninsula Center Library, was completed in 1967 and enlarged in 1995. After 25 years of service, it had many cracks, spalls, and leaks in their facility. 54,000 sq ft of Sikalastic 720 / 745 went down very fast and smoothly to the City's delight. They increased the budget to have us waterproof all the planters on site and install a 22-mil elastomeric wall coating system to their building

Angelus commercial waterproofing contractor for - Betteravia Government Administration Buildings

Betteravia Government Administration Buildings

Santa Maria, CA

Sealant / Window Glazing

Scope of work:

These three buildings were leaking at the windows, glass and panels. The three buildings were sealed with Sika's silicone (SikaSil 295) sealant. We needed 6,500 sealant cartridges in 3 different colors and we were able to match it to the existing panels.

Angelus commercial waterproofing contractor for - Culver City-City Hall

Culver City - City Hall

Culver City, CA

Expansion-Joints / Joint Sealant / Waterproofing / Traffic Deck Coating

Scope of work:

The City Hall Garage is located in the heart of downtown Culver City. Angelus installed new expansion joints, sealants, and traffic coatings for the parking lot. It serves City Hall visitors and employees, theaters, a hotel, a hospital, restaurants, and farmers' market.

Angelus commercial waterproofing contractor for - Orange County Superior Court

Orange County Superior Court

Santa Ana, CA

Restoration / Historical / Air Barriers / Waterproofing / Elastomeric Wall Coating / Concrete Crack Repair

Scope of work:

The Orange County Central Justice Court seismic upgrades to structural and nonstructural components were completed to achieve a level of seismic performance consistent with the Trial Court Facilities Act of 2002. Nonstructural repairs made necessary by the retrofit triggered upgrades to accessibility and fire and life safety, as well as facility modifications. The construction work took place over 3 years in phases by zone and floor in order to keep the court building open to minimize disruption of cases and courtrooms.

Angelus commercial waterproofing contractor for - Riverside Public Defender

Riverside Public Defender

Riverside, CA

Caulking / Crack Injection – Epoxy & Polyurethane / Waterproofing / Wall Coating

Angelus commercial waterproofing contractor for - Cerritos Public Library

City of Cerritos Public Library

Cerritos, CA

Caulk / Fluid Applied Waterproofing / Joint Sealant / Deck Coating

Scope of work:

The Cerritos Library’s architecture blends traditional and futuristic elements. With the traditional first floor featuring concrete, the futuristic upper floors are wrapped in maintenance-free titanium, the first public building in North America to use it.

Angelus commercial waterproofing contractor for - Orange County Data Center

Orange County Data Center

Santa Ana, CA

Caulk / Waterproofing

Scope of work:

This Krypt facility offers colocation solutions in the 65,000 SF building. The UPS systems are N+1 redundant and the generators are N+1 redundant.

Angelus commercial waterproofing contractor for - Long Beach City Jail

Long Beach City Jail-1 & 2

Long Beach, CA

Flooring / Concrete Repair / Polyurea Pedestrian Deck Coating

Angelus commercial waterproofing contractor for - 21st Century Library

21st Century Library

Hayward, CA

Air Barriers / Commercial Waterproofing / Grace Perm-A-Barrier

Scope of work:

Angelus was selected to install the Air Barrier at Hayward's new 21st Century Library using Grace's Perm-A-Barrier VPL System.

Angelus commercial waterproofing contractor for - Tennis Court Restoration Project

Tennis Court Restoration Project

San Mateo, CA

Expansion Joints / Waterproofing / Concrete Repairs / Epoxy Injection and Overlay

Scope of work:

Angelus completed this restoration and waterproofing project for the City of San Mateo. The work included major repairs to the existing surface: demo and removal; grinding and blasting; spall repairs; injection work; caulking; and new expansion joints. For the final playing surface, we applied Sikadur 22 lo mod epoxy overlay, waterproof membrane, followed by Sikalastic 720 and all the finish coats.




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