Angelus commercial waterproofing contractor for - UCLA Weyburn Graduate Housing

UCLA Weyburn Graduate Housing

Westwood, CA

Below Grade Waterproofing / Asphalt Waterproofing / Air Barrier / Epoxy Injection / Elastomeric Deck Coating / New Construction

Scope of work:

  • Below Grade Waterproofing with Laurenco Systems - 15,000 SF
  • Hot Rubberized Asphalt Waterproofing with Tremco TP 6100 - 5,000 SF

  • Self Adhered Flashing with Henry Blue Skin SA - 40,000 LF
  • Spray Applied Air Barrier with Henry Air Bloc 31 Air Barrier - 125,000 SF
  • Pedestrian Traffic Coating with Gaco Western 5,000 SF
  • Penetrating Sealer with Prosoco - 10,000 SF
  • Mechanical Room Floor Coating with LymTal 10,000 SF

Angelus commercial waterproofing contractor for - UCI Health, Irvine, CA

University of California

Irvine, CA

Sheet Applied Membrane / Air and Vapor Barriers

Scope of work:

The University of California, Irvine and UCI Health is building a new $1.3 billion medical complex the Irvine campus. Sika American Hydrotech Hot Rubber was used for the waterproofing membrane. Polyguard 650 was used for the Air and Vapor Barriers.

Angelus commercial waterproofing contractor for - Orange Coast College

Orange Coast College

Costa Mesa, CA

Window Glazing / Silicone Sealant / Silicone Rubber Extrusion / Remove Failed Skylight Panels

Scope of work:

  • The building was completed in the mid 1990’s and features a skylight assembly at the roof level over the main atrium. The skylight design features vertical mullions with horizontal gasketed ribs.

  • The assembly was failing which resulted in multiple leaks throughout the building and therefore required a full waterproofing restoration. The scope of this project included establishment of all safety measures, appropriate scaffold and/or apparatus to access the skylight, and full restoration of the waterproofing components to render the skylight watertight.
  • Tremco's Spectrum 1 silicone sealant and Trempro Silicone Rubber Extrusions solved the problem. All the extrusions were custom made to fit their window assemblies.

Angelus commercial waterproofing contractor for - University of California, Berkeley

University of California

Berkeley, CA

Air Barriers / Below Grade Waterproofing / Vapor Barrier

Scope of work:

Angelus installed an air barrier as part of seismic improvements with new structural concrete walls and footings, as well as accessibility and life safety upgrades.

Angelus commercial waterproofing contractor for - UC San Diego Extension

UC San Diego Extension

San Diego, CA

Roofing / Sprayed Silicone Coating / Flashing / Concrete Repair

Scope of work:

Angelus spray applied new silicone roofing at the University of California San Diego Division of Extended Studies.

Angelus commercial waterproofing contractor for - USC Health Science Building

USC Health Science Building

Los Angeles, CA

Flooring / Below Grade Waterproofing

Scope of work:

Angelus repaired and installed new flooring in the equipment room of the Keck School of Medicine, the University of Southern California’s medical enterprise.

Angelus commercial waterproofing contractor for - California State University Long Beach

California State University

Long Beach, CA

Window Glazing / Commercial Waterproofing / Caulking

Scope of work:

  • Removed existing sealant from all windows and brick veneer joints
  • Prepared substrates to receive new sealant

  • Installed Dow 795 silicone sealant to all windows and brick veneer joints

Angelus commercial waterproofing contractor for - LA Unified School District

LA Unified School District

Los Angeles, CA

Restoration / Fluid Applied Waterproofing / Self Adhered Waterproofing / Crack Injection – Epoxy & Polyurethane / Flooring / Polyurethane Floor Coating

Schools Included:

  • LAUSD South Region High School #12
  • LAUSD Adult Education
  • East LA Star

Angelus commercial waterproofing contractor for - Smith Elementary School

Smith Elementary School

Lawndale, CA

Resinous Flooring / Waterproofing / Commercial Traffic Coatings

Scope of work:

Our third project using the new flooring product - Sikalastic 726 One Shot has turned out extremely well. The very fast turnaround is a huge benefit of using this product on the balconies and floors.




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