Angelus commercial waterproofing contractor for - Hearst Castle, Neptune Pool

Hearst Castle, Neptune Pool

San Simeon, CA

Historical Restoration / Ceramic Tile Removal, Reproduction and Install to Original Design

Scope of work:

  • Built in the 1930s the pool’s concrete was old, very porous and with considerable honeycombing and other concrete defects. It also had 24k gold plated hand-carved Italian tiles that needed to be carefully removed before any remedial work was undertaken. The tiles were reapplied following the completion of the Xypex application.

Angelus commercial waterproofing contractor for - LA Memorial Coliseum

LA Memorial Coliseum

Los Angeles, CA

Historical Restoration / Waterproofing / Pedestrian Deck Coating / Concrete Crack and Spall Repair / Expansion-Joints / Joint Sealant

Scope of work:

We took part in the $300-million renovation and modernization of well over 1,000,000 total square feet. Our work consisted of repair of concrete cracks and spalls, installation of new expansion joints, and application of new pedestrian deck coatings.

Angelus commercial waterproofing contractor for - Burton Chace Park

Burton Chace Park

Marina Del Rey, CA

Roofing / Cool Roof Coating / Concrete Repair / Traffic Deck Coating

Scope of work:

Angelus was tasked with repairing the parking structure, waterproofing and sealing joints, and installing the new traffic deck coating.

Angelus commercial waterproofing contractor for - UC Santa Barbara, Cheadle Hall

UC Santa Barbara, Cheadle Hall

Santa Barbara, CA

Historical Restoration / Elastomeric Wall Coating / Metal Restoration / Air Barriers / Waterproofing

Scope of work:

Angelus was hired to carefully restore the entire building to its former glory. We completed spall repairs and replaced many of the missing architectural concrete sawtooth dentals. This was then coated using 22 dry mils of Sika Elastomeric Wall Coating System.




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